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Schools and day care institutions

Educational material

For the special exhibition THE IMAGE BUILDER. Georg Jacobsen and the constructive art our partner Ribe Art Museum has prepared one educational material, which is targeted mathematics at C level.
When Georg Jacobsen and his colleagues started a work of art, it was with a fitting and a ruler. Proportions were calculated, the motif was first outlined as geometric shapes, the image plane was rotated about the central axis, and shapes were shifted relative to each other and the image plane.
Good learning and good fun.


Activity sheet
In connection with all special exhibitions throughout the year develops Fuglsang Kunstmuseum creative and fun activity sheets for school classes or children's institutions that want to be in the museum on their own.

With sheets and material bags, you can explore the exhibition and immerse yourself in front of the works - with small practical studies and a little entertaining text about the art and the artists.

Target group: Grades 0.-3. (requires reading assistance)
Subjects: Visual arts and Danish
Price: FREE. Sheets and materials as well as entrance to the museum are free for schools and institutions.

Announce your arrival a week in advance so we are sure to have sheets ready for your group.


Note: Danish only