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The trees in Fuglsang Have

The area around Fuglsang Kunstmuseum is both a wonderful experience in itself - and wonderful in combination with a visit to the museum. Based on the small folder, Experience the trees in Fuglsang Garden The museum has done 10 small curious and whimsical tasks for children - almost a small orienteering race.

Use them as family fun or as an activity on a school trip. They are especially good for ages 6-10 with an adult who can read the assignments.

You will need both activity sheet, front og back to the leaflet about Fuglsang Have. You can download them by clicking on the links, or you can get them for free in the shop at the museum.

The answers to the tasks can be for individual and thoughtful negotiation in several cases - therefore there is no fact list with.

Remember a pencil!


Note: Danish only