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FREE workshop 4th - 6th grade
Period: November 24 - December 16, 2021

Friis, giggles and tales is a fabulous and laughable teaching course in relation to Fuglsang Kunstmuseums special exhibition OUTDOORS. Landscape painter Hans Friis.

Here, the old nature lover Hans Friis (1839-92) and his intense and adventurous images of Danish nature will form inspiration and a starting point for wild storytelling joy and exuberant imagination.
With the power of storytelling as a creative tool to bring art into play, the museum has developed new courses that invite students from the intermediate stage to small cozy storytelling salons throughout December. The students work together in pairs or in small groups to create fantastic and fun stories, which are subsequently presented to the others in the class.
It will be storytelling, contemporary art communication, Christmas fun, high ceilings, Christmas goodies, togetherness, collaboration - and Friis, giggles and stories.

Questions about the course and ordering: gsa@fuglsangkunstmuseum.dk or tel. 54781414
See more about the course at Kulturtjenestens Homepage


Note: Danish only