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Schools and day care institutions

The Culture Backpack

The inter-municipal collaboration Since 2011, the Cultural Service has ensured that children and young people in Lolland and Guldborgsund Municipalities can participate in professionally relevant and creative learning processes with the municipalities' cultural actors.

From the school year 2019/2020, the 3-year project 'Dannelsesrygsækken' starts, which consists of a number of compulsory and free learning courses in the municipalities.

The 'Culture Backpack' ensures that all children in municipal day care centers and schools receive qualified learning courses within art, culture and nature.

Read more about 'The Culture Backpack' at The cultural service's website.

The cultural service is the lead on the 'Culture Backpack'. You must therefore contact the Cultural Service directly if you have questions about dates, frameworks, internships and content. Mail to Simon Kristensen: sikr@guldborgsund.dk / tel. 2518 0011

The visit dates cannot be changed, but it is possible to exchange with other classes. If you change dates with another class, you must notify the museum of the changed dates post@fuglsangkunstmuseum.dk

Fuglsang Kunstmuseums offer in the Formation Backpack consists of the workshop course "Ka´ vi så få ro…", an interdisciplinary formation and learning course that has been developed in collaboration with students and teachers in 7th grade. The starting point is concepts such as time and stress, tranquility and unrest, and there is a plan for a different and sensuous saturation, where selected works of art from the museum's collection are involved in different ways, and where the museum space's special atmosphere is put into play both as hectic, inspiring workspace and as a quiet, contemplative break room.

Along the way, there are presentations, brainstorms, dialogue, group work, work in pairs, small written exercises, small physical exercises, practical visual art, surprises and breaks.

The course also supports parts of the primary school's purpose with elements of philosophy, general education, personal development and working environment.

Contact the museum's dissemination department if you have questions about the academic content of our compulsory learning process:
Museum Educator:
Guri Skygge Andersen
Tel. 5478 1414

Illustration: Frits Ahlefeldt Laurvig


Note: Danish only