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OUTDOOR. Landscape painter Hans Friis

October 8, 2021 - January 9, 2022

Fuglsang Kunstmuseum focuses on the landscape painter Hans Friis (1839-1892), who built a house on Falster in order to work closely with his motifs. At his early death, he was considered one of the country's most important landscape painters, and with today's great focus on nature experiences, Friis has once again become relevant.

Friis worked with a focus on transitions - the borderland between beach, sea and sky, the seasons' wavering between frost and thaw, the spring's early leaps and bounds. The motifs appear as small thoughtful stops on a familiar path. That feeling has become recognizable to many Danes who, during the corona crisis, have sought out the open air.

The exhibition is the first major presentation of Friis in Denmark and will include works from private and public collections.

The project is preceded by several years of research, which is also disseminated in the book, OUTDOOR, with contributions by Susanne Bangert, Michael Horn, Jacob Warming, Birgitte Getting and Johann Peter Nebel. The catalog is 144 pages and richly illustrated.


15. Juni Fonden
AP Moller and Wife Chastine McKinney Moller's Foundation for General Purposes
Ordered fund
Consul George Jorck and wife Emma Jorck's Foundation
Ny Carlsbergfondet


Note: Danish only