Marie Munk, Cable-to-cradle (cropped), 2020. Photo: Manuel Carreon Lopez

The techno body

June 23 - September 17, 2023

The techno body

CLOSED. The exhibition The techno body is a group exhibition with works by eight contemporary artists, all of whom deal with the meeting of man and the body with new technology. The title denotes the body thought of in an expanded technological and digital field, and the works have in common that they are about the body, as a well-known anchor in the world, being challenged by the new possibilities of technology.

What happens to the human perception of the body in the encounter with new technology? What does technology mean for our experience of being human today? What does it mean for our relationship with other people – and not least with machines? Which boundaries are being pushed? These are some of the questions that the invited artists address in works where topics such as genetic modification, cryopreservation and AI sex dolls are given artistic treatment.

The exhibition presents sculpture, video, photography and installations by:
Marie Munk (b. 1988)
Lea Porsager (b. 1981)
Emilie Alstrup (b. 1988)
Arvida Byström (b. 1991)
Stine Deja (b. 1986)
Asta Lynge (b. 1988)
Amalie Smith (b. 1985)
Hannah Toticki (b. 1984)

Some works relate to how technology intervenes in our everyday life in a completely impractical way and changes the way we interact with other people. Others point to how new biotechnologies might advance man's status as a mortal being. And others deal with how artificial intelligence pushes our perception of identity and the relationship between man and machine.

The techno body is accompanied by a new, richly illustrated publication, in which the exhibition's works are put into perspective for central trends and discussions. Articles by: art historian and expert in digital art Majken Overgaard, Ph.D. in art history Pernille Leth-Espensen, cultural researcher, journalist and PhD. Torben Sangild as well as the exhibition's curator, museum inspector and Ph.D. Liza Kaaring.
The book is sold in the museum shop and can also be ordered at It costs DKK 149 (+ postage surcharge of DKK 75 for shipping).

The project investigates how the perception of the body, and thus of being human in the 21st century, is shaped by new technology and how the challenge is treated in art today.

The techno body travels on to HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, where the exhibition will be shown 7 October 2023 – 21 April 2024.

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The Arne V. Schlesch Foundation, the Augustinus Foundation, the Beckett Foundation, the Obel Family Foundation, the Knud Højgaard Foundation, the New Carlsberg Foundation, the Statens Kunstfond, the William Demant Foundation and the Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen Foundation.


Note: Danish only