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Osmosis (detail). Photographer Bjørn Pierri Enevoldsen

Osmosis – Elisabeth Toubro

September 23, 2022 - January 8, 2023

The sculptor Elisabeth Toubro (b. 1956) gives in a large, new ceramic sculpture by name Osmosis his bid on how we can understand the works of Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen (1863-1945) today. Osmosis is created as an independent contribution to Fuglsang Kunstmuseums large exhibition on Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen and appears here for the first time.

In the elongated sculpture, which is a whopping 4,15 meters long and 1,10 meters wide, two landscapes wind in and out of each other. One shows a selection of Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen's mythological figures reproduced in Toubro's interpretation. The second landscape is Elisabeth Toubro's own, contemporary track. Here, Toubro's alter ego, the Walking Woman, crosses paths with the older colleague. The Wandering Woman is a recurring symbolic figure in Toubro's work, free of family, history and opinions.

In the work, the two sculptors, a living and a dead, meet in a common journey, a common breath, across two worlds, practices and expressions. The starting point is Toubro's fascination with Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen's deep understanding of the living, the animals and nature. With Osmosis points out Toubro i.a. that Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen's works can remind us that it is time for man to take a more humble position in relation to both animals and earth.

In connection with the exhibition, a book is published with contributions by Liza Kaaring, Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan and Emilie Boe Bierlich. The book examines what happens in the meeting between the two sculptors. The book will be sold from 23 September in the museum shop and can also be ordered at post@fuglsangkunstmuseum.dk. It costs DKK 125 (+ postage surcharge of DKK 75 for shipping).

Elisabeth Toubro is trained as a sculptor from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1986. Her works have been shown at a large number of exhibitions, and she has been responsible for several large public decoration projects, including City fractal (2000) at Christians Brygge at Det Kgl. Library in Copenhagen, Torvenes Brøndsløyfe (The Water Dragon) from 2003 on Store Torv in Aarhus and Monument to Inge Lehmann performed in 2017 at Vor Frue Plads in Copenhagen. Toubro has both taught at the Academy of Fine Arts and contested a number of key positions of trust in Danish art life, just as she has received a number of the most prestigious honors within the visual arts field, including the Eckersberg Medal (1999), the Thorvaldsen Medal (2010) and the Statens Kunstfonds lifetime grant (2005 ).


Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen's Legacy


Note: Danish only