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Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen

September 23, 2022 - January 8, 2023

Experience the most significant female sculptor in Danish history, Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen (1863-1945), in a large solo exhibition.

Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen was the first woman in the world to perform two of the sculptor's most prestigious tasks: an equestrian statue of a king and bronze gates to a cathedral. The equestrian statue depicts Christian the 9th and stands on Christiansborg Ridebane and the bronze gates adorn Ribe Cathedral.

In her time, she was recognized in Denmark as well as abroad. Nevertheless, posterity has not given her a place in art history that corresponds to her weighty contribution to Danish art. This is now being remedied with this special exhibition, which shows more than 150 of her works.

The exhibition shows examples of her very different types of expressions and tasks. From sensuous and vivid studies of animals and people in motion, over copies of ancient Greek statues to public decorations and monuments. From tiny wax studies to the very large formats, including the large plaster figure of the horse Flingart in life size, which she executed in connection with the equestrian statue.

Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen was married to the composer Carl Nielsen, with whom she had three children. The married couple were part of the lively artistic environment of the time at Fuglsang Herregaard, where artists and musicians gathered around the landowner Bodil de Neergaard, who, in addition to being a performing singer herself, was also the daughter of the composer Emil Hartmann and the sister of the painter Oluf Hartmann.

A research-based book has been published for the exhibition Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen, which can be bought in the museum shop or ordered at post@fuglsangkunstmuseum.dk. It costs DKK 249 (+ postage surcharge of DKK 75 for shipping).

The exhibition was shown in autumn 2021/winter 2022 at New Carlsberg Glyptoteket, which is behind the research and idea, and in spring/summer 2022 at the Ribe Art Museum.


Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen's Legacy


Note: Danish only