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Forest bathing and mini-lectures

Get new dimensions to your daily walk.

Nature is an indispensable part of us, but over time, our natural connection and relationship to nature has changed. The time has now come to recreate our sensuous connection to nature.

Therefore, you are invited to a mini-lecture on the importance of nature for our mental health and on the new phenomenon of forest bathing.
After the lecture and a coffee break we go out into the nature around Fuglsang Kunstmuseum and experience forest bathing on their own body; With time for contemplation and in close contact with nature, we will activate the body's calming part of the nervous system through silence and meditative walking.

Today's host, Thuri Kledal, is head of education at Naturrefugium in Sorø, she is a biologist and Ph.D. and has great knowledge and experience of the healthy impact of nature on us.

Please bring: A small backpack, seat pad, water
Dressing: Wear layer-on-layer clothing according to the weather to be able to walk slowly and sit still without freezing. Closed shoes / rubber boots, so you can walk in if necessary. moist leaves
NB: The forest bath is only canceled if it storms or thunders



17 Oct 2021


14:00 - 17:00
Kr. 125, -
Room for 30


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Note: Danish only