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Friends of Fuglsang Art Museum


Friends of Fuglsang Kunstmuseum

The purpose of the Friends' Association is, in a broad sense, to create interest in and provide practical and financial support for Fuglsang Kunstmuseums work and activities.

It is also the association's purpose in collaboration with the museum to promote the members' interest in art by holding events at the museum, excursions and the like.

Advantage as a member:

• Free admission to the museum
• Invitation to open special exhibitions
• 10% discount i caféone and the museum shop (handicrafts excluded)
• Quarterly newsletter: Vennenyt
• Offer to participate in the association's events at a reduced price
• Discount on the entrance ticket at Ribe Art Museum and Faaborg Museum (valid membership card must be presented)

A membership of Fuglsang Kunstmuseums Friends follow the calendar year ie. 1 January – 31 December.

Price 2024:
Membership for one year: DKK 300.
Membership 1 + 1 for one year: DKK 575.

"1 + 1" is drawn by one person, who then has the opportunity to take one guest with him. The accompanying guest receives discounts at the museum and at events. Membership 1 + 1 only gives voting rights to the holder of the membership, just as emails are only sent to the holder's email address.
With the membership 1 + 1, we accommodate the wishes of single people who would like to share the visit to the museum with another person.

Registration: You can join the friends association by contacting the museum or contacting the museum shop.
Read more here.

As a member, you can become a volunteer, ie participate as a volunteer helper for the museum in the tasks and to the extent that you yourself think you can handle. Read more in the tab 'Volunteers'.


Below you will find the latest news Friend news and previous releases

March – May 2024

Events March, April and May 2024


December 2023

September 2023

June 2023

Marts 2023

The museum currently has approx. 50 volunteers who help with various tasks such as:

• guard in the exhibition
• caféhelp
• poster hanging
• creative work
• administrative assistance
• clippings of press coverage
• dissemination activities
• help with events
• outdoor activities

As a volunteer, you are invited to several annual gatherings, where you hear news from the museum and meet other volunteers.

I don't folder you can read more about what you do as a volunteer and how to register. If you want to hear more about the work as a volunteer, you can email manager Bo Hylling Rasmussen at

BOOKING of exhibition duty or cafe duty. Follow link:
If you are in doubt about how to use the booking calendar, you can contact Birgit Rasmussen on tel. 3054 7428.

The museum has a volunteer policy that you can read here.

Lisbeth Krohn, Chairman
tel. 5413 1416/2941 6953

Johan Landgren, Deputy Chairman
tel. 5414 8598/2963 0848

Erik Juhl Christensen, secretary
Tel. 2712 2026

Søren Christensen, treasurer
tel. 5482 2334/4042 1079

Inger Bolt Jørgensen, editor of Vennenyt
Tel. 5487 3661

Flemming Frydendal
tel. 5682 1020/2020 0608

Annelise Jorgensen
tel. 5478 9052/2393 6700

Inge Pilt Nielsen
tel. 5470 4946/3112 5575

Statutes of the Association for the Friends of Fuglsang Kunstmuseum

Presentation of the general meeting 2022
Chairman's report 2022

Income statement 2023

Accounts and budgets 2023-25


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