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Welcome to Fuglsang Art Museum's new website! We think it has become nice, but expect a few 'childhood diseases' here and there.

Although the site has now gone live, it is still under development. In addition to changing exhibitions and events, we will also post more permanent material over the next few months.

Have you found errors, deficiencies or inconveniences, you are very welcome to inform the museum about it. Please send an email to, and feel free to send a link to the page / pages where something is wrong.

We correct as soon as we possibly can, and thank you in advance for your great help.

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Fuglsang Art Museum
Nystedvej 71
4891 Toreby L.
CVR: 86531216

Tel .: 5478 1414
Tuesday-Thursday at 11-15
Friday at 11-13

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Anna Schram Vejlby, and Ph.D.

Museum inspector with research responsibility
Liza Kaaring, and Ph.D.

Museum Inspector
Tine Nielsen Fabienke,

Art historian, postdoc Aarhus University
Susanne Bangert, Ph.D.

Art communicator
Guri Skygge Andersen, M.Sc. and educator with PD in visual arts

Else Brandt

Head of shop and café
Lene Charalambous

Café manager
Louise Mia Hansen

PR manager
Lene Vesten

Jesper Smith

Museum technician
Axel Møller-Jensen

Museum technician
Bjørn Meldgaard


Designated by Fuglsang Art Museum's Friends

Flemming Frydendal (chairman)

Lisbeth Krohn

Michael Schelde

Lis Bentin

Designated by Maribo Kunstforening

Elsebeth Garrett Walther

Appointed by Guldborgsund Municipality

Martin Lohse (Vice-Chairman)

Britta Lange

Appointed by Lolland Municipality

Steffen Rasmussen

Press officer
Lene Vesten
tel .: 5478 1414
mobile: 2347 0600

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