See the landscape through the eyes of the artist

A landscape is not just a landscape. For many artists, the landscape is an experimental space where they can sharpen the uniqueness of their design language. And depending on the historical period in which they lived, nature has had different meanings for them.

LA Ring

'Spring day at Karrebæksminde' 1897

Jens Juell

'View from Sørup towards Fredensborg Palace' 1782

CW Eckersberg

'Møns Klint. View of Sommerspiret' 1809

Arne Johannessen

'Skejten by Guldborgsund' 1984

Jeppe Vontillius

'Landscape. Summer. Lønholt '1954

Niels Strøbek

'Amager Fælled' 1984

Oluf Hartmann

'Landscape with Boat. Skejten near Fuglsang, Lolland' Approx. 1909

PC Skovgaard

'View of Møns Klint' 1846

Soren Lose

'Green barn, Torslundevej / Male portrait. Part of the series HOME '1996-2006

Thorald Brenstrup

'Pond at Søholt, Lolland' 1845

Vibeke Mencke Nielsen

'Birds’ Land, Skejten, Fuglsang ' 1981