Photo: Ole Akhøj

Eight amazing artists you (maybe) do not know

The story is full of interesting artists that many do not know. Here, the museum's art historians recommend eight artists worth noting.

Valdemar Schoenheyder Moller

'Sunshine i Pine Woods' Ca. 1895-1900

Johannes Wilhelm

'Polish Seasonal Workers in the Field at Øllingsøe, Lolland' ca. 1910

Ingemann Andersen

'Cherry tree in bloom, San Cataldo' 1976

Fred Christoffersen

'Evening' 1956-59

Ebba Carstensen

'Window' 1931

Dan Sterup-Hansen

'Self-portrait' 1946

Astrid Holm

'The Old Harbour in Collioure' 1913

Adam Fischer

'Warrior' 1918