Here you get an insight into 15 of the museum's best works of art. Several of them also contain a video where the museum's art historians talk about the art.

PC Skovgaard

'View of Iselingen Skov' 1861

Olaf Rude

'Skejten' 1909

John Larsen

'Swell in Kerteminde Bugt' 1938

Johannes Bjerg

'Abyssinian' 1914-15

Harald Slott-Møller

'Agnes Rambusch' 1887

Franciska Clausen

'Model' 1924

Anna Ancher

'Harvest Time' 1901

Richard Winter

'Missing Squares' 1956

Robert Jacobsen

'Iron Sculpture' 1949

Paul Nielsen

'Fall' 1955

Asger Jorn

'Those Left Behind' 1950

LA Ring

'People Leaving Church, Mogenstrup' 1889

Christian Zahrtmann

'The Death of Leonora Christina in Maribo Kloster' 1897

Jais Nielsen

'Departure!' 1918

Wilhelm Hammershoi

'From the British Museum. Winter '1906