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The museum building's next door is the former tenant's home and dairy to Fuglsang Manor. After a complete renovation and renovation in 2016, the tenant's home was inaugurated as KUMUS - a center for music and art on Lolland-Falster.

The building's exterior framework is almost as originally built 150 years ago, but the house contains new features. Fuglsang Kunstmuseums department of learning and education and Ensemble Storstrøm are the daily and central actors, but there is also room for many other cultural activities in interaction with the place's art, nature and cultural history.

KUMUS houses i.a. a state-of-the-art concert hall used for many cultural purposes such as music, theater, lectures, conferences.
At the opposite end of the building, there is an office, workshops and exhibition areas Fuglsang Kunstmuseums dissemination department. Behind the building is the garden of the old tenant house. The garden is publicly accessible.

Modern kitchen facilities, dining area, technical equipment and wireless internet access are also in place in the building.

Contact the museum to book the premises.
Read more about the house and the renovation here .

KUMUS is basically only open to guests in connection with events.


Note: Danish only